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The source of the majority of data in this collection are reports, publication etc. This database does not describe the sampling methods in detail. Differences in sampling method can affect the result of the chemical analysis especially for elements with low concentration. Before you draw conclusions from the data, you must consult the literature specified.

Data in the PERFORM project are stored in a PostgreSQL database. To make the data more accessible most of the data are extracted as the excel files shown below.

plants (xlsx)

wellbores (xlsx)

brine analyses (xlsx)

brine particle analyses (xlsx)

mineral composition of reservoir rock (xlsx)

PostgreSQL is open source and can be downloaded from
If you are going to use the postgresql backup file you will need some knowlegde about relational databases and SQL.

The compressed file with the backup also contains an ER-diagram and a data dictionary.

The whole database (PostgresQL backup file)