Solutions and tools

A number of tools are considered suitable for evaluating plant performance and pinpointing possible solutions to specific operational challenges. Hence, information about chemical calculations, potential solutions to operational problems, economics and best practice procedures are discussed in this section. We also elaborate on the lessons learned from scaling and corrosion issues.

Chemical calculations – Saturation Index (SI)

The Saturation Index (SI) is a useful quantity to determine whether the geothermal water is saturated, undersaturated, or supersaturated with respect to the given mineral. The use of saturation index calculations in evaluating plant performance is discussed here.

Suggested solutions to operational challenges (including lessons learned)

This section describes how to prevent or solve some common problems linked to geothermal operations. The solutions are described in general and as a matrix that lists the challenge and the corresponding solution. Click here to learn more.



Best practice manual

WORK IN PROGRESS. A best practice manual will be prepared. FT and TNO are developing technical guidelines. Operational advice and guidance will be provided. Description of best practice procedures.